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Etna is an Italian-Turkish brand that creates shirts for women for any occasion in life. Inspired by the beautiful power of nature in Italy, we have designed our first collection in Como, Lombardy. 

We see how beautiful the world is, but we also understand how fragile it is and that balance is important in everything. Therefore, we cherish the value of  all resources that are used for the production of Etna shirts: only eco-friendly materials, only natural and high-quality fabrics , only responsible production, only fairly remunerated employment.

We are aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry and that is why Etna supports sustainable fashion. By purchasing our garment you invest not only in your style, but into the better world: we stand for the beauty that does not harm our planet and people who work in the industry. Each piece of our garment is made in a safe environment at the factory where all workers are fairly paid for the labour. We are using eco-friendly materials and organic fabrics that are BCI certified - it is as incredible for you as it is for the health of our planet. Furthermore, by profiting from our products, we are planning to share with those who need our help by donating to charities. We are not just selling shirts for your everyday life - we strive to raise the level of kindness and joy in this world. 


The first collection that was designed in the North of Italy - Como, was inspired by the very south of the country - Sicily. The vibrant spirit of this magnificent island in the middle of the Mediterranean inspired us to create shirts for the modern woman, who doesn’t neglect her romanticism with the desire for freedom and elegance - who doesn’t betray her comfort for the style, but allows herself to combine these two together. 

Etna shirts can be combined with any garment and accessories to allow you to say whatever you want about yourself while keeping silent about those things that should remain a secret. Shirts are made from satin and cotton of premium quality so that you could feel free and comfortable from morning to evening while wearing Etna. Lush sleeves remind of the island’s hills and mountains, while the oversized fit points to the soul of the brand - Sicilian volcano Etna. 


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