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Cotton-Gabardine is a luxury fabric for women's shirts

Gabardine, a fabric with a centuries-old history, weaves a captivating tale. During the Renaissance era, French artisans wore long coats called “gabardines” lined with fur to keep them warm in winter. Meanwhile across Spain and Italy, skilled weavers crafted "gabardina" or "gabardine," a fabric with a diagonal twill weave. This fabric was typically made from wool or a blend of wool and silk and was commonly used for making outerwear like cloaks and capes. Over the years, gabardine underwent refinements, transforming into an essential element of sophisticated outfits.

The population of this fabric started in the 1870s, when Thomas Burberry, the visionary founder of the Burberry fashion house, introduced gabardine fabric that was used for the creation of waterproof coats. The name was inspired by the gabardina of the Middle Ages. Initially crafted from worsted wool, gabardine boasted a tightly woven twill construction that provided exceptional protection against harsh weather conditions. Despite its effectiveness, Burberry aimed to create a more lightweight and adaptable material that retained the same level of durability and weather-resistance. So in 1879, Thomas Burberry introduced his invention of cotton gabardine – a modified version of the original wool fabric. Cotton gabardine was made by weaving fine cotton yarns in a distinct twill pattern, similar to that of its woollen predecessor. This groundbreaking new fabric transformed outerwear and rapidly gained popularity for its practicality and functionality.

Today, cotton gabardine reigns supreme among tailors and has been the fabric of choice for refined womenswear for over a century. Its versatility extends beyond outerwear: its tender nature makes it into an option for daily attire, including dresses and shirts. Elegant diagonal ribbing pattern imparts the fabric with a distinctive texture, lending it exceptional strength, water and wrinkle resistance.As cotton gabardine weaves its magic into the realm of shirts, it effortlessly blends sophistication with practicality. The gentle caress of the fabric against the skin is a reminder of the thoughtful craftsmanship that envelops every thread. Its tender nature bestows upon it a delightful wearability, adapting effortlessly to the rhythm of everyday life.

ETNA Shirts has a prime example of the quality that can be achieved with cotton gabardine, presented by such models as Sesta Shirt and Quarta Shirt. The fabric's density keeps the sculptural forms of these original designs, while special weaving technique of cotton gabardine will make you comfortable all day long, due to fabrics breathability and lightweightness. As the light dances upon the fabric the shimmering glow radiates elegantly, emanating the essence of refined sophistication. 

Etna Shirts invites you to immerse yourself in its rich heritage and embrace the allure of this extraordinary fabric.

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