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Inspired by The Magnificent Etna mountain

About Us

ETNA was born amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Como in northern Italy, drawing inspiration from the majestic charm of the famous volcano Mount Etna in the vibrant landscapes of Sicily. The character of ETNA clothing is an incredible blend of the fiery expression of the hot southern Italy and the elegant nobility of the northern mountain peaks surrounding lake Como. In every breath of these polar images, the spirit of Italy is revealed. Each garment uniquely captures the combination of fire and ice in its character.

Montagna Etna, as locals call it, encapsulates the spirit of powerful feminine energy, whose great forces are accumulated from the within. The monolithic frame of our logo made of a block of stone bursts in the upper right corner from the energy of the emerging letters ETNA, executed in an ancient Sicilian script. It is impossible to curb the creative natural feminine power; she will find a way out of any restrictions to express her freedom.

Etna collections exude their natural strength and freedom. They breathe in unison with the ancient melodies of the piedmont lands, combining modernity and classics, the ice of the northern mountains and the flame of lava of the southern volcano in a charismatic ensemble. In every piece of clothing from Etna, you gain a powerful boost of confidence stemming from the combination of polar tectonic energies from the northern and southern Italian mountain poles.

Etna products are manufactured in Turkey, a country historically positioned at the crossroads between the East and the West, renowned since the Ottoman Empire for its high-quality textile production. The best certified factories, organized according to lean manufacturing standards and dedicated to producing for well-known international brands, craft ETNA clothing safely and ethically, prioritizing the well-being of workers and the environment.

Inspired by the majestic Sicilian volcano Etna, our collections radiate natural power and freedom, embodying its strong character.