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ETNA is an Italian Designer Brand that creates premium garments for women with three keys to success: 1) high-quality natural fabrics, 2) great manufacturing expertise, 3) variety of timeless designs with a distinctive zest. 

Inspired by the majestic Sicilian volcano Etna, the collection “Sicily” radiates its natural power and freedom. This collection breathes in unison with ancient melodies of Sicilian lands, blending modern and classic into an ensemble of charismatic garments. In every ETNA attire you can feel the essence of the Sicilian ambiance… its Baroque architecture, unique fauna and rich cultural traditions. 

“Sicily” collection was developed with a native designer located in Como, Italy, based on the sophisticated mix of a classic cut with a modern twist expressed in garment’s details such as royal flounces and ruffles, gentle cold-shoulder elements and drawstring cut-out that reveals back. 

ETNA production was launched in Turkey — in the land of the historical Gateway between East and West. Dating back to the days of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has long been renowned for its high-quality textile manufacturing. We put a great deal of care, passion, and expertise into ensuring that our clothing is made sustainably and ethically. 

Timeless Fashion for the Modern Woman Who Loves To Be Distinctive

The “Sicily” collection by ETNA is dedicated to Elegant, True-to-themselves, Nature-loving and Authentic women of all ages, who love to feel free and be distinctive. It is a tribute to the modern woman who values herself and appreciates every moment of life. 

Every garment in the collection is designed to underline your confidence and power, whether you're on an adventure of exploring new places on vacation, business trip, or simply enjoying a leisurely day, the "Sicily" collection has something for every occasion. Explore ETNA's apparel and discover the power of timeless elegance!


Prima Donna collection

The "Prima Donna" collection draws inspiration from the eminent prima donna of the island - Montagna Etna. Her breathtaking beauty and formidable power are impossible to overlook, as her majestic influence extends across the Mediterranean landscape. 

The layers of ancient magma and ash that sculpt the shape of the volcano drape the terrain like the folds of an exquisite garment, enveloping the space with their grandeur. Just as the rich volcanic soils, colored in deep graphite black, the predominant hue of this collection is a spectrum of black. From the comfortable premium cotton one-shoulder shirt with a puff sleeve, like the Amuri blouse, to the flowing sophistication of wide-leg pants found in the LavaNera ensemble, the Prima Donna collection is created for you to enjoy yourself and your style to the fullest.

Beneath the serene exterior lies an innate potency, akin to a woman whose potential and strength consistently fuel the flames of creative ingenuity. Etna encourages us to embrace uninhibited expression of our dreams and aspirations, urging us to be unapologetically true to ourselves. The collection's vivid original designs pay tribute to the freedom of expression and a bold and opulent style that finds its essence in minimalism. Embrace the power of Etna with our Prima Donna collection.


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