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Broadway collection

Step into the Spotlight of Broadway Collection.
It's time to unveil your charismatic style and make a grand entrance. Etna presents 'Broadway,' a collection that transports you to the dazzling world of the legendary Broadway theater and the iconic divas who graced it’s stage.

This collection showcases virgin wool suits meticulously crafted in a timeless palette of deep black and light grey. Sleeveless waistcoats, paired with wide-leg trousers, create a captivating ensemble suitable for a spectrum of occasions, from formal business affairs to casual rendezvous. In a harmonious addition to Etna's palette, the collection introduces a captivating light-blue hue in its cotton shirts, adorned with puffy sleeves and enchanting cape details.

Just as on Broadway, where the mere rise of the curtain whisks you away to a realm of mesmerizing storytelling, Etna's 'Broadway' collection promises to infuse your style with the same charismatic and electric flair that defines Broadway's unparalleled atmosphere. The spotlight is yours to command…


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